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Knowledge ~ Assistance ~ Information

At Harbour Hardwood Floors we understand that putting in a new wood floor or refurbishing an old one does not happen every day for most people. However, for us this is an every day deal and we are ready to share important tips and information to help your project be a solid success.


  • Plan Ahead - Consider all the pieces of your room a grand puzzle that will blend to create a complete picture. Room size, ceiling height, textures and materials on walls, and color should be coordinated for the best outcome.


  • Know Your Space – As a general rule, avoid dark finishes in rooms with darker walls and lower ceilings. Plank width, reclaimed woods and textures can change the style of a space. Whether you are aiming for rustic, contemporary, traditional or any other motif, visit our showroom and we will help you achieve the look you desire.


  • Traffic & Use Issues – If your floor is going in a high traffic area where scuffs may be more common, it is best to avoid high gloss, formal wood finishes and better to opt for textured woods that are hard and have natural color variation to help hide wear.


  • Samples Are Your Friend – Shop our site gallery or visit our showroom to feel the  wood flooring textures and finishes available.  We have many samples to choose from and if you don't see what you want, we can make you a custom sample panel just for your floor with the look and feel you prefer.


  • Bring In The Troops – If you feel overwhelmed and can't narrow down your choices, solicit friends or design assistance to help you decide. Our experienced staff is available to help you choose a floor that looks great and performs well in your space. Our three full-time labor crews enable us to handle any size job in minimal time, which means less inconvenience to you without sacraficing quality.


  • Think About the Mood or Purpose of Your Space – Each species of wood has differing features and grain patterns which create character, like dramatic and strong, or sophisticated and delicate. Usually straighter. fine grained woods are seen in motifs that are more formal whereas vigorous or erratic graining provides a casual experience. Your space may be be better served with wide plank, erratic grain, and rougher texture than sleek, narrow plank with high gloss finish, it all depends on the atmosphere you are creating. We can show you these variations throughout our wide selection of hardwoods and assist in determining which product is the perfect solution to create the impression you are aiming for.


  • Picture It – Look through home magazines and go on home parades to get a good sense of what appeals to you in wood flooring and finishes. Try to obtain pictures or cut images out of publications that you find attractive to help us see your vision. Bring them with you when you visit our showroom. This will be a great tool in helping us find exactly what you want.

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