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Strong ~ Welcoming ~ Enduring

Solid hardwood floors are made of strips or planks milled from a single piece of timber. Normally, solid wood floors can be sanded and finished more times than an engineered wood floor due to their thicker wear surface. Solid wood is commonly finished on site, particularly when custom effects or finishes are desired. This floor is solid throughout so you cannot dent through the wear surface exposing plywood or other wood layers that can occur with Engineered Hardwood. Solid hardwood is more repairable than engineered wood flooring so with HHF professional services and routine maintenance, you will be able to overcome a broad range of damages that occur naturally in life. The longevity of wood flooring continues to outperform almost any other flooring textile and increases property value as it is ranked the number one flooring of choice among home buyers.



Durable ~ Beautiful ~ Sustainable

Engineered wood flooring is produced from two or more layers of wood laminated together forming a plank. The stability of engineered wood enables its installation over all types of subfloors whether above, below, or on grade. This offers a solution for below grade installation over radiant heat without installing additional subfloor materials that can cause height differences for the finished floor. Engineered flooring is the only wood flooring able to be installed as a "Floating Floor" without using staples or glue to fasten the floor down, allowing for ease of installation over concrete and other difficult substrates. Engineered flooring is milled precise with uniform lengths reducing imperfections and improving the speed of installation. "Engineered Flooring" is a large category of wood flooring that ranges from very inexpensive mass-produced products, to high-end wide planks and textured products made to emulate their solid wood equivalent. With so many choices and quality levels, it can be difficult to determine what engineered product to consider. Contact us today. Our experts will assist you in choosing the  wood flooring product that is right for your project. 

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