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Peruse our galleries of wood products and installation images. We are confident you will find a wood floor that is perfect for your project. If not, we will customize your floor to your exact specifications and will make a sample just for you.


Need to see sample panels? Visit our Wood Floor Product Galleries to view some panels of wood species and finishes.



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We offer expert reclaimed wood installation using only the highest quality materials milled to your specifications with the weathering and patina unique to reclaimed woods. We can also replicate some of these attractive features with our HarbourCraft    proprietary method of custom hand distressing, and finishing which enables us to create the unique look of an older, lived-on floor using new materials.


Elegant and beautiful - Walnut wood has earned the reputation for classy sophistication and timeless appeal. The unique color and grain patterns of Walnut make this species a true American exotic. Just look at what you can do with Walnut!


Popular for its versatility and interesting grain patterns, Maple flooring may be the perfect wood floor solution for you.

White Oak Wood Flooring

The mighty Oak is well known for strength and longevity. A legacy wood, the adaptability of white oak delivers charm and functionality to any space. White Oak comes in a wide variety of textures and character grades to fit any lifestyle. Applying a stain can provide vast color varieties for a more personalized look.

Stain and textures can make this knotty grain wood appear modern and contemporary, or rustic with high class sensibility. Fir is commonly used for flooring in the Northwest and other Mountainous areas since it is abundant and more acclimatized to the dry high altitude environment.

Fir Wood Floors

Gallery represents all the unique and exotic projects we have encountered over the years. Ranging from Orchard Walnut to a whole mixed bag of wood that we like to call "Calico" flooring.

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