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One of the principle benefits of wood floors is their longevity and the ability to be restored or repaired without the cost of total replacement. Whether your floor is water damaged or just worn out we can help revitalize the floor to "like new" condition.


We will come to your location and provide a complementary site review to evaluate the best materials and methods for your specific situation. We can perform complex repairs with seamless results for a wide variety of damages and common occurrences with your wood floors.


Restoring old or worn wood requires experience, resources and the proper equipment. At Harbour Harwood Floors, we will analyze your needs and prepare the most cost-friendly approach that will refurbish any old floor into a work of art.


Whether you need 100-year-old floors brought back to life or discover hidden wood floors beneath your carpet wasting away, call us for a free estimate to restore the lost beauty in your home or office.

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