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  • Originally established in southern California by founder Bruce Harbour, we expanded into Montana over two decades ago. Our high standards of quality are well known throughout the region among construction professionals, including developers, businesses, designers, and homeowners. Bruce Harbour perfected the proprietary methods of installation, sanding and finishing that we use today resulting in beautiful floors that set us apart from the competition.


  • Every employee is highly trained and is considered an expert in these methods. While established methods have contributed to our track record for success, we are also a leader in innovative practices in the industry. We take the forefront position in implementing new techniques, finishes, or materials that will help us deliver cutting edge products and services to our clientele.


  • When Bruce retired, he passed the torch to our current President, Andy Gustafson, a wood-flooring expert who has been leading our workforce for more than a decade. Andy is passionate about maintaining our standards and protecting the hard-earned reputation of the company. He personally coaches our craftsmen, developing their skills and knowledge with a vision to consistently deliver the best hardwood flooring in the region. Committed to delivering on our promises and ensuring customer satisfaction, Andy is respected and trusted in the construction community. As a team, we work to understand our customers' unique vision so we can provide the right look, style, and performance they are seeking in a hardwood floor.


  • Our mission is to provide the products and services that establish us as the one resource people can turn to for all things related to Hardwood Floors. With our proprietary knowledge and expertise, we work hard to provide a beautiful custom work of art for your home or business that can be enjoyed for years to come.

Creating “Art You Can Walk On” for over 30 years,

Harbour Hardwood Floor’s reputation is one of excellence in craftsmanship and professionalism in execution.

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