Artful ~ Complementary ~ Quality

Beautiful hardwood trim ties everything else in a room together. We custom mill our transition pieces to match our floors. We can create masterful custom trim to complement your hardwood floor and create a stunning look for your room. You can see the difference between Harbour’s quality crafted trim and an off the shelf product. We incorporate the highest quality hardwoods, unique profiles, and proprietary finish systems to create transitions, nosing and base shoe that makes your room truly an artful masterpiece.

Eye-Catching ~ Sturdy ~ Timeless

Harbour Hardwood Floors specializes in crafting custom-fit stair treads and risers developed to match your flooring or custom design specifications. You are no longer constrained by limited selections of pre-finished or pre-manufactured products for your staircase. We use a myriad of woods and finish systems to create truly eye-catching stair treads and risers that are both beautiful to look at and durable enough to withstand a countless amount of foot traffic. The custom crafted, one of a kind staircase of your dreams is just a step away.

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