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All hardwood floors require some form of finish, regardless of the species. Finishing seals and protects your hardwood floor against damage from normal wear and tear, natural moisture, and stains. It highlights any wood’s natural grain and characteristics, enhancing the wood’s beauty. We will help you choose prefinished or unfinished hardwood flooring for your projects based on your needs.


Custom ~ Design Flexibility ~ Stable

Unfinished floors are a perfect solution for any custom jobs because they allow for artistic choices and creative design. Installing unfinished hardwood floors and finishing them on-site maintains the natural characteristics of the wood. There are few limits to what can be done with wood floors when an experienced professional is applying your choice of textures, colors and finishes to achieve the look and performance you desire. Onsite finishing also equips the installer to do borders, inlays, and other customized elements such as staircases and trim, which are not always possible with factory finished flooring. Unfinished wood is also the preferred option if you need to add to or repair an existing floor.


Practical ~ Attractive ~ Easy Care

Prefinished hardwood floors are manufactured for convenience with a high performance factory-applied finish in a controlled environment. They don’t require on-site sanding, staining or finishing which means you don’t have to spend time out of the home and you can start enjoying your floor right away. Homeowners should be aware that most textures or custom looks are not available in a prefinished option. Prefinished floors require a micro bevel around each board to hide and manage "over wood" between planks that occurs naturally from the milling of the floor, which typically would be sanded flat with an unfinished product.



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