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  • Longevity – Hardwood floors provide a sense of structure and last beyond a lifetime.

  • Durability – Our wood flooring products are top quality with solutions for high-traffic areas and tough use situations.

  • Energy Efficiency – Our wood products serve as ideal insulators, holding heat, where concrete or tile flooring generally fail to offer the warmth factor without expensive radiant heat systems.

  • Easy Maintenance – Wood flooring is a snap to clean and offers real life protection from spills and messes, unlike carpet.

  • Increased Property Value – Few home improvements provide the return on investment that hard wood flooring provides. Wood flooring is the number one flooring of choice among homebuyers.

  • Aesthetic Appeal – The beauty and visual versatility offered by our wood products create warm, welcoming environments for homes and businesses alike.

  • Environmental Responsibility – Wood is one of our nation’s most renewable resources. Reforestation efforts and responsible supply chain practices make wood flooring one of the most sustainable building materials in the world.


  • Multiple finishes and textures

  • Custom designs and effects for a truly one of a kind floor including our HarbourCraft™ custom hand distress or hand-scraped wood flooring for a rustic appearance

  • A myriad of colors and stains to meet any project’s requirements

  • Recycled or FSC Certified woods

  • Solid or Engineered varieties

  • Pre-Finished or Unfinished planks

  • Artistic Layout and Specialty Designs

  • An array of species including Maple flooring, Oak flooring, Cherry, Birch, Acacia and more

Wood is a common choice as a flooring material due to its environmental profile, durability, and restorability. Peruse our galleries or visit our showroom to view our large selection of wood products and finishes. We are able to accommodate almost any request and specialize in custom effects.


Quality ~ Beauty ~ Ingenuity

Harbour Hardwood Flooring delivers unmatched beauty and durability to your home or business. Hardwood flooring is a valuable investment that will increase both the monetary value and aesthetic appeal of any space. We are strict in our choice of supply chain for the products we use and insist that only the very best woods are passed on to our customers. Harbour Hardwood Floor’s supplier relationships enable us to provide a diverse range of quality wood flooring products at choice prices.

Hand Beveled Texture

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